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Jewelry making can be a fun and interesting hobby and one which encompasses so many different options, that it could take a lifetime to do it all. Making jewelry can also be a viable business for those who hone their skills and have the desire to make it into more than a hobby. 

Jewelry making has been and continues to be an integral part of both ancient and modern cultures. It can tell us a great deal about the art and the people of different times and places. In ancient cultures, jewelry was not only for personal adornment, but was also an indication of social standing, official rank, religious affiliation and political alignments.

In broad terms, jewelry making can be accomplished with a wide variety of different materials, both organic and inorganic, such as: feathers, hair, bones, shells, scales, wood, leather, ceramics or metals. In the more modern or cultured terms, jewelry often is associated with mounted semiprecious or precious stones which are mounted in metals like gold, silver, platinum, brass, or copper, or any combination of these. 

Also, there are numerous methods employed in making jewelry. Casting jewelry from any afore mentioned metals is a common technique of jewelry making. Generally, this method is more often used by those who are professional jewelers or who make more expensive designs which also incorporate the posh gems. In order to cast jewelry, more costly equipment is required, as well as a certain level of expertise, making this approach one that is less of a hobby and more of an occupation.

Wire jewelry making is a very popular hobby and can be one that ranges from cheap to quite expensive, depending on whether common, inexpensive wire is used or very costly silver, gold or platinum wire is used. Jewelry wire is easy to come by in a variety of colors and weights and is considered relatively easy to employ in the process of making your own creations.

One of the most common embellishments to wire jewelry is beads and there is an enormous variety in the types and styles available. In fact, some people even forget about their intention to make beautiful jewelry, as they get caught up in finding and collecting unique beads. Bead jewelry supplies can be found in practically every craft and hobby store that you walk into. In addition, you can often find specialty bead stores that carry nothing but unique, glass beads and possibly some wholesale jewelry findings.

When you are just starting out, the simplest way to get going is to go to the local craft store and pick up an assortment of jewelry wire, charms, beads and jewelry findings. Then take them home and experiment with different designs and patterns. Before you know it you will have a custom necklace, bracelet, anklet or other unique piece of jewelry that is completely your own creation and expression of your ideas and creativity.

Jewelry making is considered by many to be one of the most interesting and fulfilling activities to embark upon. It is a hobby that allows you to express your creativity and to enhance your clothing or person with beauty and charm. As you become more proficient and creative in making jewelry, you might also learn how to sell jewelry and make your hobby into an exciting career.




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